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My name is Wilkie (Scott Formally) I'm a 27 year old step-dad of 3 from the East Midlands. I'm an aspiring full-time streamer on Twitch where you'll find me engaging with the chat, playing FPS, Action, Adventure + MMO + RPG games! I'm hoping to build an amazing community, and grow with Aura!

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My Story

I was late to the Content Creation scene, and it's actually a pretty funny story on how I got into it. (It's a long one so I do apologise)! I got into a relationship with my now fiancé Sazzles in 2018 and became a step-father to 3 amazing boys, 2 of which are sadly disabled and require a lot of care, over the years leading up to me starting Content Creation in January 2021.

We saw a lot of care & support packages be taken away from us due to lack of funding, Covid-19 and varying other factors to the point where I could no longer work full-time as I needed to be available to help care for the boys.

During the days I would be on Twitch a lot when the boys were at school or their fathers, and spend a lot of my free time gaming (which I've done obsessively for years anyhow) and I was watching a streamer and made a random bet that if we won 10 games of Halo Infinite in a row, I'll just randomly start up streaming which I had considered for a few weeks, and by chance we did it! So I took a plunge into content creation and managed to hit the Affiliate Status within my first month.

Since then I've been set some milestones for my first year of streaming, that was to hit 500 Followers, a Discord with 50+ Members, and join an awesome content team (Thank you Aura!) and nearly a year later I'm still on my streaming journey and being presented with opportunities I never thought I would!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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