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Hey! I'm Ryan or you can just call me Wokk! I'm 29 Year old Ewok that lives in the north (wish version of Jon Snow). I stream on Tik tok and twitch i used to be a destiny sweat but now I've moved over to variety and love a challenge! FUN FACT...i was born with a beard and i like beans.

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My Story

It was a cold autumnal evening, mid November in the year of 2018 and I'd just set up my new laptop with obs and had Facebook gaming ready to go live and pinned my greenscreen up to my living room wall, and some really poor lighting not knowing what the next 4 years held.

Now here I am!

I started on Facebook as I'd always wanted to get into streaming and Facebook was an easy route to their affiliate, I moved over to twitch and had a great time meeting some awesome people and then joining aura!

For me streaming was always an escape with the best people and always an enjoyment of being able to try and share something, would I love to be a full-time streamer? hell yeah, I would that's the dream and I'd love to be growing alongside aura and help make it the best it can be.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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