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Our Partners

Aura's partners help us to elevate our content and teams, and push us to the best of our ability.

Find out about them below.


Pro-Level Peripherals

At Xtrfy, we make pro-level gaming gear. Our products are based on well-proven technology. We’ve been in the gaming industry for years, and gamers forever. Explore our products! Gear for gamers. Built on experience. Designed in Sweden.


Formulated for mental performance, Beyond is a supplement made for the digital generation as we head into a new era of connectivity. A unique blend of nootropic ingredients combined with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and natural caffeine. Simply add 300–600ml of water to taste, shake and enjoy.



Steanside is a LTD company offering services in Music Production, Tailored Adverts, Bespoke Content Creation, and much more. Steanside was created with the vision of the user in mind, our end goal is to allow the consumer to use our music freely on all projects and content.

Ebuyer is one of the UK's leading online electrical retailers with four million registered customers and 250 employees.  Ebuyer grew quickly from its humble beginnings to become the site for overclockers and PC enthusiasts.

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Untold Gaming

At Untold, we believe in our three values that ensure we meet all needs you could have, these are as follows:

Unlimited Customisation 

Unmatched Quality 

Uncompromising Service


Between industry-leading technology and software, amazing dedicated support, and a wide range of world locations, MCProHosting is the premiere Game Server Hosting that you can count on. Our team focuses on the vision of being best in class, while delivering outstanding customer service to help you along your journey. It is our prime directive and one we strive to excel in everyday.

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