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My name is Karlos, and I am a old 22-year-old American with the IQ of an 8-year-old. Born in Florida US raised in Scotland UK and my accent makes it apparent. I stream regularly on Twitch as OnlyJamsTV, providing the spiciest content for all viewers. You can catch a cheeky bit of R6, Valorant, Overwatch 2 and when I'm feeling like role-playing Star Citizen.

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My Story

I've always had a passion for playing games and technology. I don't think anything can remove the memory of receiving my very first console when I was 5.

From that one original Xbox console playing Lego star wars with my younger brother on repeat for hours, grew someone who knew they would always have space in their heart for gaming. Cut 4 years later I built my first PC with my dad and I have watched that thing grow and transform into what it is today ever-growing and ever-changing.

Games allow you to remove yourself from the real world even if for a short time. But in that world, you are the main character achieving features you couldn't as a human. That is what makes games great and why I still hold a passion for them to this day.

I want to take my passion and love for games to more people and allow them to experience all the laughs I did, And what better place to do that than with my family at Aura? I started streaming in early 2015 and have made many friends along the way Aura being the biggest set of friends I could have ever made. They welcomed me in and helped me grow further. I want to one day make a living out of esports and I don't think I could ever get close to that dream without Aura!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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