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Hey, I'm Juice! I'm a full time content creator from the UK with a passion for gaming and making people smile, I've been streaming since 2012 and creating content since 2010. I Mostly play Minecraft as my main content but will also throw in the odd game that I enjoy now and then

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My Story

I started creating content when I was 13/14 when getting into Call of Duty sniping all those years ago then I found such channels as the Yogscast & The Creatures which provided me with a much needed escape while going through school.

The happiness I got from watching them I wanted to also create content for others to have an escape and to hopefully get some smiles and laughs from my content.

Being a part of an organisation like Aura is like one big family, I want to push myself and the team to new heights and for Aura to become something more than just gaming as it means much more to others than just that #PowerYourAura 🦌


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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