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My Name is Craig I am a 31-year-old gamer from Liverpool who fell in love with gaming at a young age, online I go by the name of JOKERGUK. I play Gtav Roleplay on a fivem based server; When you're not catching me in the city, you'll find me shooting in a warzone on call of duty!

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My Story

I love to bring people together within the community and give people a safe place to go when there feeling down, this is why I created mental Tuesday’s where I spread the love across twitter by sending over the bot squad to show people love, no matter how everyone’s feeling you turn on your stream so that people from the community and come and have a place to escape from there IRL worlds. Even though we don’t know most of our communities personally we can create a place where they can come and chat and tell people about their day or something that might have happened that they can’t tell there IRL world. Content creation to me is riding the waves of highs and lows with my community. It's about creating a space where people can come and share life.

My character within MRP is Tim Street a young boy ages 5 nearly 10 who’s trying to navigate the world with his new best friend Ted. Tim’s dad runs a gang, and his mom has run off with the milkman. He seeks ways to make money and also loves to create trouble for PD he’s constantly getting in trouble and also chatting up the ladies, a lost young man trying to seek his true life on the streets of Manchester, he has the option of following in his father's footsteps or creating his new path in life… he doesn’t know which he should choose.

My aim is to become a fulltime content creator, having become partner on twitch in 2021 my aim of going full time is growing closer, my goal is to grow my community and continue to create an amazing and safe space for people to be able to view and laugh no matter what circumstances they are in.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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