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My name is Jack, I am a 23 year old male Content Creator from the South West of England. My online name is JackkSSC and I stream weekdays on twitch from 6pm onwards, sometimes also on a Sunday. My main and only game i will be streaming for the foreseeable is Call of Duty, whether this is Multiplayer/Warzone or DMZ it is the game i get most enjoyment from.

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My Story

I started content creation as a hobby when I was around 16, making funny videos / shorts and posting them to an Instagram page for fun when I was younger (thankfully these are deleted now). But I then started to take it a lot more seriously around April 2020 during the first months of lockdown.

This is where I was introduced to twitch and met many cool streamers for COD and decided this would become my dream and passion. Alongside other meaningful reasons i started to stream and connect with people to become the best I could.

My streaming 'career' per say has been on and off for the 2 years, at least up until September 2022 when I decided I'm going to put my all into content creation and streaming and MAKE it my main focus to finally become even a part time creator. The dream obviously in the long run is to become full time.

Id love for my name to be known within the industry, but not only for streaming, but also for someone who does things for other people, pushes what is right and puts passion into every avenue of work I take. Whether that's content / meeting others/ Helping others or charity work.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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