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My name is Tom, I am a 27yo Dad Gamer from the UK. I play FPS and sport games on stream. My main game is GTA V RP where i play a very serious and realistic Chief Constable of the Police. My main passion is football which i follow Luton Town home and away! I Work full time as a Mechanical Engineer on Trains. I am a Twitch and Youtube Partner and love to interact with my chat. Drop by and say hello!

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My Story

I started streaming back in lockdown Decemeber 2020, I began life on Call of Duty Warzone where i streamed casually with a group of mates. I did this until February 2021 where i found Grand Theft Auto 5 Roleplay which is a modded game on PC. The passion grew for the game and i quickly became a police officer and began life trying to come across as this serious police officer who replicated real life sections and laws. Throughout the time i gradually worked my way to the top and now sit at the top.

I grew very fast on GTA V and ended up picking up Twitch Partner in October 2022, Since then and with the new launch of Warzone 2, you will find me mixing up my games and playing a lot more Call of Duty, Fifa and anything else that i fancy.

I have two lovely children and married, I usually go live around 8:30-9pm once i have put the kids to bed and occasionally you may see me pop away from my chair as one of them starts crying and my wife unavailable.

Content Creation full time would be an amazing dream of mine, however i am a full time Engineer who fixes the London Underground trains for a living. Due to how flexible the shifts are, i can still put in quite a few stream hours to satisfy my community.

I come on board with Aura as i hit Partner and really excited to see the progress it is making and hopefully continue to grow along side it making some awesome content for you all.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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