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Hi I'm Matt! I'm a 23 and from Manchester UK. Online I go by the name DatedRhyme I mainly stream a mixture of games between Hearthstone, FPS games and anything in between. See you online!

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My Story

I think I've always been interested in the BTS side of production, and while at college was learning how to edit on the side, at university, I was studying technical theatre, and wanting to do AV. I needed to get to grips with stuff like photoshop and Premiere Pro. I wanted to try and make content more as a creative output more than anything.

The first few things were terrible, montages of CS, Hearthstone videos with no commentary. And then I saw Watch Dogs Legion was announced. It felt like something I was genuinely interested in and wanted to make content about it. I'd make these small ish videos talking about the game. Covering news and updates that would come out along side theory's and hopes for what the game could be.

I think late 2019 start of 2020 was the turning point, where it almost felt like stuff was coming into focus with it all. I met some great people and really put the hard work in. And It showed, even while covid raged on outside the stuff I got up to online was amazing. I got to play Legion early, twice before release. Summer 2021 the world just almost felt like it was firing at double time, I joined the Deep Silver Creator Collective, I attended my first event as a creator. I streamed on a booth, something completely new to me. I came home from that EGX full of excitement. Co-streamed The Game Awards and felt like this was just right.

Early 2022 Watch Dogs Legion announced they were stopping updates and it almost felt like part of me was gone, this content I've focused on for so long had stopped. There wasn't going to be much more to cover. I explored other options, I made content on Far Cry, book reviews. I wanted to try streaming. I wanted to build the confidence to be in front of a camera. And explore other options. I think that was the fork in the road and I went for it. I had this wild year, I went to countless cons and events. streamed on booths like ASUS ROG, Extreme PC UK and Call of Duty at EGX and co-streamed online events like PC Gamer Game Show, Summer Game Fest. I became the face of Dan Bull's Generation Gaming XXV.

I joined Aura this Autumn, I met so many incredible people, did so much incredible stuff and I think for the first time. I was locking in what I wanna do. And I think that brings us to now. I genuinely dont really know what to tell you. Its just happened.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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