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Hey, my name is Stuart but everyone just calls me Tree. I’m a content creator on Twitch and I stream 3 times a week from 6pm GMT on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays where you will see my playing various forms of Minecraft including Hardcore, Survival and Modded Worlds or playing some FPS games like Call of Duty.

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My Story

I started streaming in Spring 2020 to keep in touch with friends and family during covid and the channel grew and we started to host regular tournaments, giveaways and more. You will catch me regularly playing all forms of Minecraft including Hardcore, Survival, SkyBlock and Vault Hunters however I’d consider myself more of a creative builder in the world of Minecraft.

I have previously competed in Twitch Rivals for Minecraft but also Call of Duty Warzone against some of the best players in EU and I do occasionally bring COD content to the channel as that’s how we began streaming.

I still have ambitions to do content creation as my full time job either doing what I do now or as a content Editor for other channels or businesses. I find the creative experience behind image and video content creation allows me to be myself and express this through content.

My Twitch Channel is primarily aimed to be family friendly with an occasional let my hair down night every so often with content on other platforms aimed to be family-friendly as my number 1 fan my son(8) watches my content on YouTube and TikTok.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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